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What We Do Best

  • Honest Prices and Repair Work  – We Try Hard to Please
  • Same Day Garage Repair Palm Beach Gardens Fl
  • Garage Opener Specials
  • We Show Up On Time – Your Time is Valuable
  • Garage Door Replacements Installed – Best Deals In Town
  • Commercial Overhead Door Repair  24/7
  • Licensed & Insured for all Home & Commercial Jobs CRC1329903


we repair all garage doors

 Save $100 Garage Door Replacement!

Large selection of quality garage doors at very competitive prices.  Save $40 off one new door and $100 off 2 doors. Brand name doors sold & Installed. We Offer lifetime Warranty on all installations and garage doors sold.





Garage Door Services Offered:

  • Full Service Garage Door Repair Service
  • Same Day Service
  • Garage Opener & Genie Openers with Installatin
  • Garage door Replacements -Big Selection & Terrific Prices
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all garage doors sold and installed
  • Broken Springs replaced
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • New overhead door replacement

Reliable Same Day Garage Door Repair 

full service garage door repair serviceNot all home repair jobs can wait. If your garage door is broken or need a new garage opener, most of us are not willing to wait too long. Trying to repair garage doors ourselves can be tricky along with dangerous at times. Calling a garage door repair pro is usually the best bet for garage door repair getting done quickly and right the first time.

It seems that experience comes with years. Choosing a garage door repair company that offers the lowest prices in town may work the first time. We all love to pay the lowest prices for garage door repair and garage openers. What we really want is a fair price with an honest professional garage repair person that we can count on. Broken openers and broken springs we want fixed quickly and correctly.

We Do ALL Garage Door Repair – Opener – Opener – Broken Springs

Choosing a company that has extensive knowledge and experience usually assures the positive result that we are all expecting. Same day garage door repair is a must for our family. We rely on the auto to work when we start it and our garage door to open when we need it. Garage door service comes with owning a garage. Rollers, door opener, broken springs and garage door replacement is part of owning a garage.

All our garage door repair and parts replacements are with quality parts. Many times we will need to replace broken springs, cables, screws, door rollers and garage openers. We choose to use parts for your garage door that will last so you need not have so many garage repair calls. Cheap parts may last a year so we use quality parts that will have maximum longevity for your garage door repair.

If you’re on this website, you can chooses the best for quality garage door repair service. When are local and try hard to please. We offer the best in garage door repair service including broken springs, garage door replacement, cables, rollers replaced and service all brands of garage doors. You can count on a full one year guarantee on all parts and service. Call today for service.


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Garage Door Replacement Genie Garage Door Opener!

Garage Door Replacement – Lifetime Warranty

When the time comes that you need a garage door replacement we offer several options for your needs. We do not buy cheap and sell high like some of our competitors’ do. We offer a better garage door replacement at the same price with lifetime warranty and protection against rust, peeling, cracking, discoloration and cracking. We install and service all our garage door replacements.

We sell two entry level garage door replacement along with premium garage doors. Both models are extremely durable and built to last. If you’re looking for a garage door that will last and look great, the entry level garage door replacement can fit your budget and still have a great look that will enhance your neighborhood and home value. It is built with steel construction and lasting qualities.

Our Team Installs All Garage Door Replacement – Guaranteed

Our overhead door replacements include No-Flex operation which allows the overhead door to have limited vibration and glide firmly in place. We offer garage door replacement colors such as white, sandstone, brown and almond which will increase your home appearance. All our garage doors are top of the line and we install all the garage door replacement with our own crew.

Let’s talk about the top level doors that we offer. They have the same features as the first level doors have accept for having more insulation inside the panels. The insulation will cause the garage to resist the heat and sun and thereby reducing the energy costs for your ac unit. For garages that face the west in the afternoon, you will see a big difference in the garage heat and energy costs.

This will likely be the last garage door replacement you will need because of the quality and double steel wrapped power feature our door replacement offers. The higher level doors offers a better protection from the heat. Choosing a great looking garage door replacement will help with your home value on the market. Call for a free estimate. We service what we sell.

Best Garage Door Replacement Option in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Garage Door Replacement in Palm Beach Gardens Fl

Garage Door Replacement in Palm Beach Gardens Fl

We sell and install all our own garage door replacements. Buying and installing a new garage door will increase your home value if you install a quality garage door that will fit the outside decor of your home.  Call and we can give your a free estimate . Our garage door replacement options include different styles, colors, wood, steel, metal, single doors, double doors and many different styles to fit your decor.  All our garage door replacements include the installation.  We install all new garage doors with our own installation team and service what we sell and install.


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Garage Door opener Broken Springs Garage Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener – Repair – Sales – Installation

we install all garage door replacement If you own a home with a garage, you will need to replace B garage door opener sooner or later. In Florida the closer you live from the ocean the shorter the life span of your garage door opener. The salt in the air along with usage can determine how long the door opener will last. Another key factor is quality of the garage door opener along with how often we service and lubricate our garage door.

All our trucks are stocked with garage door openers and we sell Genie garage openers along with several heavy duty garage openers to our customers along with installation. Keeping up with garage maintenance on your garage door will increase the life of the garage door. Remember, the garage door is heavy and prober lubrication for the rollers and alignment of the rails will cause the garage door to work more smoothly and openers will last longer.

Fast Garage Door Opener Installation Service

fast garage door installationYou can eliminate unnecessary garage door repair costs by having your local garage door repair specialists do timely maintenance. All parts tend to wear out quicker if you do not do inspection of the springs, rollers, cables and pulleys. A good garage door person will lubricate the moving parts for smoother operation. This includes door balance and reversal tests for your garage door.

The question as to when you need to replace the garage door opener cannot be made without inspecting the old door opener. We also need to look at all moving parts on the garage door to make sure no obstacles are causing problems such as rollers, nuts missing, door balance and more. We stock garage openers on our truck along with Genie openers installed. It is important to repair anything that will cause your new opener not to last longer.

Many times our customers call us because the garage opener is making noise. Sometimes we find that a car bumper has caused damage to the rollers or rails and the garage door is not functioning properly and need repair and door balance. Sometimes there are bolts that fell off or in need of proper lubrication. Call and we will respond quickly and give you an honest evaluation for your garage door repair needs.

Garage Door Broken Springs Replaced


Broken Springs Service

Broken Springs Service

The garage door replacement of broken springs are key to the workings of the garage door and they take a lot of abuse with the heavy garage doors. We specialize in garage door repair and we find that broken springs will happen with all garage doors. It is important to check the garage door springs and lubricate all the moving parts in order to eliminate unnecessary garage door repairs in the future. Salt will effect the longevity of the springs on your garage doors in Palm Beach Gardens Fl area because of the ocean salt in the area.







Services Offered:

  • Prompt Garage Door Repair Service
  • Same Day Service for Palm Beach Gardens  Fl
  • Best Deals in town for Garage door Replacements
  • Our Team Installs All Garage Doors Sold – Lifetime Warranty
  • Broken Springs replaced
  • Genie Garage Door Opener
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • New overhead door replacement
  • Overhead door service contracts available
  • Licensed & Insured & guaranteed


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Commercial Overhead Door Repair 24/7 Sercice Commercial Overhead Door Repair Broken Springs Garage Door Repair


24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair Team

garage door broken springs in Palm Beach Gardens FlIt is important to be able to count on your garage door repair service when you call them. Quality Garage Door Service is one garage door repair company that can be counted on for prompt reliable same day service. We are licensed and Insured and all our service representatives are fully trained in all aspects of the commercial overhead door service and home garage door repair services . Quality Garage Door Service has been in business in Florida for over 35 years and we are a family owned and operated business providing quality reliable garage door repair service in the Palm Beach Gardens Fl marketplace.


Well Trained in Overhead Door Repair Service

Not all garage door repair companies can do commercial overhead door repairs for the business community. Most of the local garage door repair companies limit themselves to basic garage door repair, roller lubrication, coils and garage openers. For the local residence this is fine but the business community needs a company that can deal with heavy duty commercial overhead door repair service.

Every business owner needs suppliers that they can count on. If you’re business is involved in the shipping and receiving business, developing a relationship with a professional commercial overhead door repair company is a must in order to keep the business running smoothly. Having a forklift run into the overhead door or a truck do damage to the door can and will cause profit loss and problems.

We Replace Overhead Doors – Openers – Repair

Commercial overhead door repair and overhead door replacement is a must service and need to be offered quickly any time of day. Should a truck or forklift damage an overhead door, service is need immediately. The business cannot leave his business doors open to the public all night while he waits for someone to replace the overhead door. They need to have parts and repair crews on the job immediately.

The business community is not as forgiving as the home garage door repair service. First, the business community is more demanding. The person you usually deal with is the warehouse manager and they have a boss over their head. The business that plans ahead and when the warehouse manager calls with an emergency and you solve it, you get to keep their business. If not, you may never get their business back.

We understand that there are many garage door repair companies who claim to be able to perform at the level of expected for a commercial overhead door company. Quality Garage Door Service has a whole division dedicated to the commercial overhead door repair and replacement needs. 24/7 we answer and respond to any of your overhead door needs with the professionalism that you need in order to run your business smoothly.

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